Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Mother Nature is gently trying to prepare us for Fall. She is painting fiery fall foliage on the very tips of some trees, while others already have a semi-rainbow washed over all their leaves. Some over-acheiving, friendly leaves have even made their way to the ground, which has been inviting them down for a visit.

The sun has stopped baking the ground, making the temperature more tolerable for those who detest the smoldering summer season. The days are comfortable, the evenings are pleasant, and the nights can be wonderfully chilly, making snuggling under blankets more inviting than those nights when sweat trickles down super-heated skin to dampen sheets. Excercising and working outside is made more bearable with the thoughts of heat exhaustion and dehydration banished.

Children walking past my window have donned bulky sweatshirts and backpacks instead of bright tanks and iPods. They also assume the look that children wear when they know their carefree summer is gone and the novelty of school has prematurely worn off. Instead of gleefully gossiping with each other and planning their day of frivolity, they now drudge along to their mandatory day of socialization and learning.

People are making plans for the last few weekends of good weather. When they pack, they have to remember to bring sweaters and blankets intead of sunblock and beach towels. The crowded highways on Sunday evenings point out how many have gotten out of town for their mini vacation.

Windows and doors are open less, smoke has been seen sneaking silently into the sky. Hoses and sprinklers are disappearing, while firewood and decorative scarecrows are making their first appearances. The more responsible adults have been spotted preparing their houses and vehicles for winter--applying the last coat of wax for the year, squirting new caulking into pesky little holes, touching up paint.

Even some stores are in on it. Halloween is still almost 2 months away, yet the shelved of grocery stores are laden with massive bags of bite-sized candies for greedy little fingers. Despite being months away, Christmas has arrived in craft stores, giving those who knit and sew (and others with similar talents) the urge to make their nests cozy and warm. Some who make all their Christmas gifts have started assembling the lists of what they want to make for their loved ones. As they start making the presents, the love that fills their hearts seeps into whatever it is they produce.

I think it's all quite beautiful!

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