Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Met Him

Yesterday, I blogged about my dream which you might want to read before reading this blog.  Well, I'll tell you the rest.

Like every year, I went to the Holiday Food and Gift Festival to do a little "shoppies" (a term my family has created to mean window shopping - an activity we do to spend time together).  It started out like every other year we'd gone, except this year I had a little money so I could actually buy a few things.  We sampled flavored almonds, tried on hats, and were amazed at the height the small toy helicopter was shot into the air.  We sang along to the old-time Christmas music softly crooning overhead.  We pointed out the colorfully lit tree suspended high above us - the only place it could be seen with all of the stands snaking through the dome.  We even caught a glimpse of Santa in his Autumn Wear (did you know he doesn't always wear the red get-up?)  The smell of pecans roasting and being coated with a sweet cinnamon coating filled the air, dancing with the constant din of voices commenting on wares being hawked.

However, there was one major difference this year.  As we walked on the heavily-trod crimson path laid out along paths between the booths, I clung to the memory of my dream.  A small part of me looked up from the rainbow-hued knitted hats, the PVC pipe bows and arrows, and the scent-infused oils in order to see the faces of men.  Would any of them be him?  I have had dreams come true before - would this be one of them?  Not that I would want my soul mate to be injured, but I hoped my dream had meant that I would meet him.

Finally, I saw him.  I stepped into a booth to look at a beautiful photograph, not looking at the vendor.  Mesmerized by the picture, I walked to it to see it more closely, smiling.  Stepping back, I turned to the artist to compliment him on his work.  The moment our eyes met, we both knew.  There was no game-playing, no awkward moments, no doubt - we both just knew.

"Will you come back in half an hour?" he requested.  I nodded, knowing I would be there, not even bothering to ask my mother if she would mind.

The next half hour was torture, each minute was filled with endless pet hair removers, personalized children books and magic pen sets, and cooking pan set demonstrations.  Regretting not donning my watch, I kept my phone nestled in my hand so I could easily watch the time.  With five minutes left, I parted from my mother and son with their ridiculously over-priced lunches and went to meet him.

Upon nearing his stand, I saw him at the front of it, watching for me.  Where he had been sitting, an older lady was now perched.  Smiling when he saw me, he held his hand out for me to take.  Wordlessly, he escorted me out of the throng of people, past the entry doors, and out into the cold afternoon.  Without asking, he released my hand, removed his jacket, and set it on my shoulders before taking my hand again and leading me to his car.  Being unsure of its make or model, I was still able to recognize that it was a nice car, which pleased me.  So many of the men I've dated had less money than I.  It was nice to know that he wouldn't be mooching off me.

He opened my door for me and then slid into his side after snugly closing me in.  Taking my hands in his, he took a breath and said, "I dreamed of you the other night."

Nodding, I said my first words to him.  "I dreamed of you last night."

Smiling and nodding, he informed me, "That's because after my dream, I cast a spell.  I wanted you to be able to recognize me when we met.  I then cast another spell so you would find me."  When he said those words, there was no fear of judgement, no hiding his actions.  Did he know that I have Wiccan friends and hold no malice for that religion?  Or did he just know that since we are soul mates, I would accept him as-is, as I know he accepts me?

I nodded.  "So, what now?"

"Now we get married.  I've waited for you so long, we both know this is right - what's the point of waiting?"  His words seemed so simple, so right, there was no need to argue.

Laughed, I suggested, "Maybe we should know each other's names first?"  We spent the next half hour getting to know each other.

"I have to get back," he informed me.  It felt like I would be walking away from a part of myself when we parted.  "May I see you tonight?" he added.

I beamed.  "Of course."  We made our plans before he took me back into the crowded show.  At his stand, before releasing my hand, he gave me a kiss unlike any I'd ever had.

When he pulled back, I thought, "So this is love."  Never having experienced it before, I'd always wondered.  Now I know.  And I never want to lose it.

"I'll see you tonight," he vowed.

At least, that's what I had hoped would happen.  It didn't.  I didn't see him.  I did buy some really yummy almonds and a super cute hat though.

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