Friday, October 11, 2013

Mandatory Advertising

I've been blogging for years - all the way back since my first blog in **gasp** MySpace.  Quit laughing!  You know you were on it too!  Back then, I learned that the way to get readers/followers was to read other blogs and comment on/like them.

I refused.  It felt like I was prostituting myself out.  And for what?  Popularity?  I had my day in the sun (being head cheerleader can do that).  I don't need that anymore.  My blogs have always been for my family and friends, and for me.  I love going back through them every now and then and reading my old blogs - seeing where I was and where I am now. 

One of my favorite blog posts was one of my first few ones on MySpace.  It never fails to make me laugh at myself (I laugh at myself frequently).  I just tried to find it to post a link, but... have you been to MySpace lately?  No, of course you haven't.  They've become all about music.  My blogs have disappeared.  It will take months to get them back (I've submitted the request).  Until they appear, just let me tell you that it was funny.  It had to do with me falling on my butt in a dark place which was new to me, my apparent disappearance to my mother at that moment, and the look on her face.  I still smile just thinking about it.

Yikes!  I'm long-winded.  Can you tell?

Anyway, I decided that if people wanted to read my words - great!  If not, that's okay too.  I mean, my blog really has nothing to do with my writing.  My blog is about me, personally.  My writing style doesn't even come through in my blogging.  Blogging is how I think, not how I create a new world for others' enjoyment.  So, I successfully avoided the trap of trying to get my blog "out there".

Until today.  I can't avoid it any more.  I've heard that if I want a literary agent to take me seriously, I have to have an online presence.  Ugh!  Which means I have to not only create a blog for potential agents to check out, but I also have to get readers/followers.

Don't get me wrong - I have 50+ followers on my other blog.  Without doing any self-promotion, over 50 people found me and decided they wanted to include me in their blog roll.  Without any particular niche or subject, people found me "add-worthy."  Each time someone added me, I was surprised and very flattered.  Now, I have to put effort into it.


If I want to play with the Big Boys, I have to play their game.

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