Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rainy Morning

It wakes me from a deep sleep - rain tapping its fingers insistently against my window and the outside wall of my house.  It's not unexpected - I live in the Seattle area.  Rain is nothing new to us.  Actually, growing up in this area, it is a soothing sound to me.  There are rainless nights when I set my sound machine onto the Rain setting.  The sound of the steady drops on a roof added to the methodical drip, drip, drip from a over-stuffed gutter lulls me to sleep.

When I wake, the rain is still drumming on the house, making me thankful for a quiet day to myself.  Grey light fights it's way through my closed blinds, letting me know the sun has risen, but won't be seen on this day.  Passing the thermostat, I turn on the heat and make my way to the shower, letting the warmth of it fill me through and through.  After drying, I shrug on my fluffy, pink robe and slide into my slippers before going to the kitchen.  I set the tea kettle on the stove and turn the burner on high.  Beyond the rain-spattered window, the sodden trees in my neighbors' yard hang heavy, spraying their heavy load each time they are flung about by the invisible hand of the storm.  Puddles form in the gravel area in front of my house and the grass eagerly soaks up the moisture, looking greener and thicker already.

The kettle whistles, bringing me back to the moment.  After pouring the steaming water over my self-filled tea bag, it steeps as I go to the living room and ignite the tinder which sat, patiently waiting in my fireplace.  After setting a couple of logs on top, I watch the dry wood catch and hear the crackle of flames which dance before my eyes.  Remembering that I had forgotten to open the flu, I do so quickly before stepping back to make sure the fire was going well enough for me to set the screen in place and walk away.  Going to my bedroom, I grab the book which slept on my nightstand, along with my favorite cozy blanket.  After setting them on the couch, I return the to kitchen for my aromatic chai tea.  I stir in two sugar cubes and a pre-portioned miniature cup of French Vanilla creamer.  Settling into the couch with my tea, my fire, my blanket, and my book I'm ready for an ideal morning.

Oh wait.  I'm sitting at work, waiting for another boring day.

See - this is why I need to write.  I need to be able to support myself with my writing so I can have the mornings of my choosing instead of rushing around to get ready and dodging puddles to make it into the office.  Later, I'll have to find my way through a massive puddle to fetch the mail.  I really need to get busy with my manuscript!

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