Sunday, February 2, 2014

Go Hawks!

Today is the big game, and all of Seattle and its surrounding areas are decked out in Blue and Green.

Of course, you've got the Space Needle, painted all pretty for the occasion.  Earlier this week, the 12th man flag few over it, waving proudly.  However, the flag came down a few days ago and was taken to the Seattle Center where tens of thousands of fans waited in line for hours in the pouring rain for a chance to it.  They knew that the flag would be taken to the game, so even if they wouldn't be able to be there, their signature and best wishes would be there in their stead.
The Space Needle wasn't the only building donned in Hawks' colors.  12th Man flags flew proudly in front of houses, buildings sent up flags or pasted them on their fronts.  One house was even painted in blue and green and a school temporarily changed its name in support of the game.  

Seattle isn't the only place supporting our team.  We've also got our colors on the Empire State Building and even up in space.

Cars have been decorated in Blue and green, some better than others.  I saw one yesterday that was so gaudy, I couldn't help but laugh.  Of course, I was driving, so I couldn't get a picture, but it was really, really bad with a cut-out of Richard Sherman tacked to the front, and... well, it was too amazing to try to explain.  Other cars simply have "12th Man" or "Go Hawks" written in their back window with shoe polish.  Many of them have 12th man flags flying from the front, side windows.

Even an airplane was decked out in support of the hawks.
Stores are selling cupcakes and donuts decorated with blue and green frosting, some of them sporting a flag proudly flying the number 12.  Of course, there are massive bins of Skittles near the front door.
Even children are getting their 15 minutes of fame due to the Seahawks Extravaganza in a video made especially for the team with a video spin off of New York, New York.

And the fans are all decked out in blue and green.  Not just those going to the game, but everyone.  When I stopped at the grocery store on Friday, I didn't see one person who wasn't wearing something to support the Seahaws - whether it was a jersey, a t-shirt or even a homemade hat or scarf - we were all wearing them.  Yes, even I, the one who cares least about the upcoming game, was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt in support (my boss bought it for me and expected me to wear it - whatcha gonna do?)  Entire offices snapped pics to show their support (I think I should have loaned my t-shirt to my sister!)

All of a sudden, everyone cares about the Hawks.  I've never seen this much enthusiasm before.  Is it because now we have something giving us hope?  Is it because now we all have something in common?  Because, never has there been such fervor before.  In my humble opinion, it's gotten a little bit ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong - it's fun, but it's also a tad over the top.  I mean - my son and I are avoiding going to the grocery store until 3:00 today.  We know everyone will be there, stocking up for the big game and we hate crowds, so we're not even going to bother until after the game starts.

Although, I have to admit, even I have been tempted to watch the game.  I don't have TV, so it would be a challenge, but I've been tempted.  I mean - this could be the first Superbowl the Seahawks have ever won.  It'd be fun to be able to watch it, just to say that I saw it.

And then I remember that I really couldn't care less.  I think I'll clean my oven instead.

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