Thursday, December 19, 2013

School Sit-In

I was going to blog about the whole Duck Dynasty Debacle, but then I realized that anything I might say has already been said.  To Death.  Enough about them.  On to bigger and better.

Instead, I want to share with you a piece of local news for me.  Teacher Fired for Marrying a Man.  This news article started out quite negative, but the further I read it, the happier I became.

The story tells of a vice principal who was forced to resign because he married his true love, who happened to be a man.  Pathetic, sad, and wrong, but nothing illegal or unexpected was done by anyone.

Where it became happy was when I read that the children held a sit-in for their VP in the school cafeteria.  Now, I try really hard not to assume things about people, but we all do to a certain extent, right?  I think of today's children, and I think of open-minded, accepting children.  And then I think of private school children, and I wonder how open-minded they are.  Aren't they raised by yesterday's Republicans?  Their opinions had to have been at least somewhat influenced by their parents, right?  (See - that's me judging Republicans - shame on me!)  The students of this Catholic school know what's right and what's not, and they are standing (sitting) for what's right.  Good for them!

And then it got even better.  Their teachers aren't forcing them to go to classes.  This, too, surprised my pre-conceived notion of Catholic schools.  Obviously, I know nuns don't teach the classes, but I assumed (shame on me) that more conservative teachers would be influencing the minds of the next generation.  I am pleased to find that they support what the children are doing and are also doing the right thing.  (I refuse to believe that they aren't just taking the easy way out or that they don't have enough control over the students to force them to go to class).

And then it got even better.  The movement has found its way (through social media) to other schools, who are likewise supporting the sit-in.  I love what this means.  To me, it means that love is spreading.  It means that intolerance isn't being accepted.  It means that our future leaders have a better grasp of how to treat each other than our past ones.

I refuse to believe that it means children just don't want to go to class on the last day of school before winter break.

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